Monday, April 24, 2006


Good day people

The IAA (International Advertising Association- Jordan) is having its second OutSideTheBox Conference. For further info check their website at

I am thinking of attending this year, so if anyone attended it last year or knows anyone who did could you fill me in on how it was?

Thank you for your time in advance :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

assistance required

Help me choose.
please :)

ignore the colors.

A. Hyndai Tuscan

B. Nissan Tiida

C. Mazda 3 (5doors)

D. Citroen C4

E. Citroen C3

Thank you.

Friday, April 14, 2006

a beautiful evening a wonderful feeling

They were incredible, unbelievable and extremely talented. And I am absolutely positive that everyone enjoyed it. Not as much as I did perhaps, but they definitely enjoyed it.

I went to a concert today with my 15 year old sister. It was featuring a Polish duo under the name Carcow Duo, the city of Carcow/Poland. There are two life long friends, Jan Kalinowski (Cellist) and Marek Szlezer (Pianist) who teamed up to gift the world with their beautiful music. They performed some Chopin, Debussy a Bach a Piazzolla (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE) and a K. Penderecki.

The music was astounding. They played like you could only wish anyone would play. I can not describe the way it made me feel. It leaves you vulnerable, fragile and completely exposed. The Cellist, unreal. Watching him play was like watching a complete theatrical production at its best. The isolation, anger, frustration and the strength of his playing was so raw I felt violated. He made me feel like I was meant by each note. It was personal. I felt responsible to handle what I am hearing.
(the above: said at the risk of sounding exaggerated.)

The Pianist was remarkably talented just as much. The harmony between them was so engaging that you could not but feel involved. Marek (the Pianist) whisked us away to another time (a time I wish I could have lived) while performing Chopin's Mazurka in F. Sharp minor, Op. 59, No.3 and the mind blowing Etude in C., Op. 10, No. 12 "revolutionary". We were all astonished by his solo performance.

The grand finale was indescribable. Le Grand Tango by A.Piazzolla.
Honestly? Words fail me beyond my tolerance. It is not fair to experience such feelings and lack the capability to articulate. Do you know that feeling you get when you hear that you've been betrayed? Or when you drive really fast up a steep hill and back down? You know that sinking motion you feel in your heart? That is exactly what I felt throughout the whole piece. (the examples used above are extremely infantile, noted. I just hope I got the feeling across.)

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that they were selling a CD that includes most of their performance tonight.

Two hours splendidly spent.

I play the Piano. And have practiced both the Violin and the Guitar for a while. Currently however, I am studying the Cello, which I believe is the most amazing instrument ever created by mankind. It has been a dream of mine, and making it come true introduces me to another level of satisfaction and fu
lfillment I thought was impossible.

I guess you can now understand why I am so taken when it comes such matters.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i love spaghetti

You can be surprised of how similar Arabs and Italians are.

How ture is that?
I really wouldn't know :)


Sunday, April 02, 2006

not a poem

I'm consumed,
I'm taken,
completely gone.
I gave in,
succumbed to.
I proclaim my normality,
my weakness
and with it
my pain.
I am indifferent,
I want to be selfish
and speak of it to no one.
Later perhaps, fellow strangers.
I just want to lay there on that peach cliff,
Over looking the desert, which I don't admire much.
While I contemplate my excessively commercialized footwear,
listening to 'IT'.
And think of absolutely nothing.
You don't have to
think of something to assure yourself of your worth,
or of your intellect.
I just want to close my eyes
and completely ignore how dizzy I am.

I am sleep deprived.

I have been sleeping for the average of 4 hours a day for the past three months.