Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Here is the transcript of an old radio commercial for Signet Bank called "Wake Up Male". There is no significant reason behind posting this. I just came across it and thought it would be nice to share and see if this construes as a good commercial or not.

Man: Wake up, hit the snooze, attempt to kiss wife. Get out of bed, step on the dog, brush teeth, gargle, kiss wife again. Shower, dry hair, put on boxers, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, tie, jacket. Pour a cup of coffee, trip over toy truck, spill coffee, change tie. Kiss wife, baby, wave at neighbor Ernie. Start car, drive to work. Notice woman staring at me at stop light. Turn on defrost. Park. Work to work. Sit at desk, work, work, work. Meet with boss. Promise to kill boss. Eat lunch, work, work, work. Meet with boss again. Boss gives you bonus, promotion. Put plans to kill boss on hold. Drive home, run over toy truck, park. Kiss wife, baby, step on dog. Eat diner, play with baby, feed baby, burp baby, change baby, put baby to bed. Talk to wife; celebrating promotion, bonus. Pick up remote, turn on TV., read paper, fall asleep on sofa, wake up to national anthem. Get up, step on dog, take off pants, shirt, socks. Brush teeth, gargle, climb to bed, kiss wife, sleep. Dream of stepping on dog.

Announcer: "You have a lot to do in a day, so we make it easy for you to talk to a Signet banker. Call your telephone banking center anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's as easy as 1-800-2-SIGNET. All Signet banks are equal opportunity leaders. Members FDIC.


Blogger Dar said...

ya 7aram hal dog , 7ayato 3azab !!! , i liked the killing boss idea then put ot on hold :) Kewl

2:57 AM  

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