Saturday, January 28, 2006

I am late Amélie dear

I know, it has been a while, its just that I think the day has shrunken an hour, or seven actually, and all of a sudden I wish to write a petition to get a couple of hours to the oh-so-short 24-hour day. Or maybe that is my own lame excuse to avoid the confrontation or maybe my creative excuse to procrastinate. Either way, here I am back again. Everything seems really different, unexplainable.

Yesterday I took upon myself to undergo a DVD marathon (exaggeration sited), I would be shot at sight if I returned the movies I had a day later. One of the movies I saw was a French film under the title Amélie. A friend recommended it for what seems to be about a year ago. And God am I happy I finally got to see it. This may not make any sense or maybe it would, but I think I am rating this movie as one of my all time favorites. I am almost sure that the fact that it isn't in english (a Hollywood baby) made me appreciate the movie at a whole other level. The whole French air made it that more appealing to my much critical mind. The story line is actually not that extraordinary, but the acting, the setting, the beautiful colors, the frame of each scene, the simple elements that make the story get together (for tea I hope), the wonderful lead actress – I just adore her, and last but not least, the musical score. All which make this movie outstanding. Bare with me people, and let me exploit my courage and be unreasonably poetic in my unsuccessful effort to depict the beautiful music invested in this movie: Playing xylophone melodies on my ribs wouldn't have made it better. The music is just unbelievable. I can't and never will get over the feeling it gave me. It filled my lungs to an extent that air couldn't assert its conquest. I am completely in love with it. The accordion has a whole new place in my heart. The pace is just what you are longing to hear. A floaty feeling yet extremely sure, very in touch and spaced out a great deal. It gives you the sense of walking (literally) towards a semi-sweet cinnamon vanilla flavored adventure where colors are of autumn and where all objects around you are cut outs which stand out under their own illumination. When it comes to music words always fail us in our desperate attempts to describe it. I'm sure so many agree.

I want to thank every single being behind the making of such sounds specially Yann Tiersen, he'll never know his contribution to the humble little 'me'. Get the soundtrack, if you love such music, you'll thank me. I am sure you will. And believe me, the feeling is so simple it's almost cliché.


Blogger Sabri Hakim said...

you writing is unbelievably clear to me, the way it makes sense is exaclty like me wanting to think out loud then you come and put it in better words.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Ohoud said...

I loved the way you described it .I truely lived each sentence!

btw: you've been tagged click here:

3:49 PM  
Blogger Earth Child ® said...

you made me smile =)
Amelie is one of my favorite movies if not my favorite of all,
(i'm not a Hollywood fan either)it has a way of seperating those who see behind what they intend and those who don't comprehend..
i've seen it 7 or 8 times and i still love it. the soundtrack is breath taking.. i know exactly what you mean, i never stop playing it.
Finally someone with great taste and a great way conveying it !

4:22 PM  
Blogger Fadi said...

I have 'Amelie' as a video file on my PC. everytime I get bored or I need a little inspiration I watch it.
try to see it one more time and pay attention to small details, it's amazing how they thought of everything!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous bilotee said...

Sabri: I am privilaged to be the words of such a stream of thinking.

Ohoud: I am so glad the discription came through as I intended, I am dearly complimented by your comment. thank you for tagging me!

Earth Child: I thank you immensly for your comment, and I am thrilled to see that such a person as yourself agrees with my taste.

Fadi: that is exactly what I loved about it, the details. I totally agree, it is quite inspiring.

The beautiful see beauty people

5:24 PM  

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