Friday, January 06, 2006

sip by sip

It seems now, after the stalling hellos, its time for me to actually say something about myself. However, unfortunately, I am not going to be able to do so, just yet. See, for an introvert such as myself, which I recently admitted, exposing myself in the simplest manner is an excruciating task. The thought of it makes me develop flu-like symptoms, leaving me all tired and weary.

I was first introduced to the world of blogging last September by a very dear friend of mine. Frankly, I wasn't all head-over-heals regarding its concept, since again it meant too much exposure.

Still, I was intrigued and started reading other people's blogs. Smiled through some, skimmed through others, and was totally impressed by a good few. Coming from me that should be a great compliment (I modestly admit), since I am the hardest ever to impress. Just about now, I am sure this 'blogging thing' does things to you; I just, rather comfortably, said something about myself. It seems to be much easier than I though.

After a good thought, or maybe an extremely good thought, and a great friend's encouragement I choose to actually try it. I thought that maybe (maybe) I should break out of my own, no not prison, sanctuary (if I may say) and to seek some human contact.

And so here I am. For all that's worth, this is my therapy, my attempt to tea time.


Blogger Tololy said...

And hello there. Thrilled at the prospect of this corner, keep the words coming and make sure you enjoy it.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous bilotee said...

Hey Tololy, I sure hope to enjoy it, thank you for passing by. Make sure to come again for tea sometime.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous SugarCubes said...

Well, I'm an introvert too, but I'm making some progress, every now and then you'll get that feeling of detatchment but it'll pass. Welcome aboard :)

1:56 PM  
Anonymous bilotee said...

hey sugar, it is great to know that someone knows where I am coming from, and detatchment is the precise word. Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Dar said...

about all this introvert thingi , i have gone through a discussion about this issue with one of my friends , and she used to refuse to expose her life on the net ..... but from time to time she started to get loose . in my opinion in a couple of years all of our lives will be exposed on the net as a matter of fact , so no need to be so hesitant about it , just shooot it out , o elli 3ajbo 3ajbo o elli mo 3ajbo 7sabo m3ai ana :P

2:52 AM  

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